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Our Newsletter provides a clearinghouse for local sustainability-related events, SAN meetings, community actions, independent news, local group campaign updates, and other pertinent information – all geared to helping you get informed and take action.

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E-Mail overload:
If you’re like us, and you’ve subscribed to a few groups email updates, you’re probably overwhelmed with the volume of emails you get flooding into your inbox. Is this one worth it? In a word, yes.

We strive to keep the quality of our information high, adding a local focus and perspective that you can’t get elsewhere. The list of local events we include often don’t get promoted through other information channels, and put simply, there isn’t a website, blog, traditional information channel, etc that offers this range and focus. The Lawrence Sustainability Network’s E-Newsletter is worth mentioning and is also great, but it has a different area of focus and (perhaps unexpectedly) the information does not overlap that often.