About S.A.N.

is a Kansas not-for-profit organization

Our mission is to advocate and organize societal scale action to address sustainability issues.  The triple crises of Energy-Ecology-Economy, the global “3E Trifecta”, are building so rapidly that large scale action is needed immediately and methodically to overcome institutional barriers and advance public policy that preserves ecological sustainability.  Our focus is to build a relocalized economy-ecology in concert with the Transition Town movement in many other communities.

To join the Sustainability Action Network please contact us at <paradigm@ixks.com>

Our current projects include:

1) Peak Oil Action – initiating municipal level Peak Oil resolutions and response planning.

2) Permaculture Collaborative – developing skills and resources for sustainable food production.

3) Land Consortium – organizing interested stakeholders to acquire prime farmland in the urban fringe for land-based economic development and    regional food security.

4) Water Rights and Watersheds – protecting the water commons, the source of all life, from privatization and contamination, and restoring our watersheds.

5) SAN Sustainability Announcements – informing and encouraging others to become active in our Sustainability Action Network, or other such action driven groups.

6) Collaboration with sister organizations – such as: Citizens for Responsible Planning; Films for Action; Kansas River Valley Growers fighting for local water rights; Lawrence Future Food advocating farm-based economic development in Lawrence; national efforts by the Sustainable Energy Network; KC Metro groups like the Kansas City Food Circle and the All Species Project, etc.